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C & Ku-Band Satellite Dishes
Shipping cost shown are for within the 48 cont. United States
Ku-Band Dishes Picture & Part # COST

DS2076 Winegard
76 CM Satellite Dish

Made in the USA!

Mounting Type: Ground, Pole & Wall Mount
Adjustment Type: AZ/EL

Comes with Pole and Pedestal Base
Can be mounted to a Deck, Side of the House or on the Roof.


76CM Satellite Dish

Made in the USA!

DS2076 Winegard Satellite Dish

$ 55.99
Plus $28.00 Shipping
Within the 48 Cont. United States

This dish does not work with motors.
You should use the GeoSat Pro 90CM or 1.2 Meter if you want to use a Motor.

GeoSatpro 90CM Offset Satellite Dish

Technical Specifications
Effective Aperture 90 cm / 36"
Diameter 93.5cm x 85 cm
Assembled Weight 12 lbs.
Reflector Thickness .7mm
F/D .5
Offset Angle 24.62 degrees
Surface Accuracy .+/- 0.01 deg."
Elevation Range 0 - 90 deg.
Finish Textured Poly Powder Coat Color: Charcoal
Mount Type Universal - Roof or Wall with adjustable position tripod legs, 27" "J" post
double ended for height or reach setting. 360 degree level adjustment.
Feed Support Universal 40mm / 23mm Clamp
Frequency Range 10.95 - 12.75 GHz
Gain at 12.5 Ghz 39.6 dBi
Aperture Efficiency 75 %
Beam Width -3 dB @ 1.8 degrees

Wind Loading Operational 65MPH
Survival 125MPH
Atmosphere 10 Years

GeoSatpro 90CM Offset Satellite Dish

Includes Shipping Within the 48 Cont. United States

The GEOSATpro 90cm has several exclusive features not found on any other satellite dish and provides the strongest mast clamp of any design.

Six grips bite into the mast when tightened and prevents the the dish from slipping or rotating out of alignment.

Three clamping bolt holes provide maximum clamping power for use in high wind regions.

Four ribs evenly distribute the clamping pressure to prevent crushing the mast or post.

Adjustable elevation bracket allows for dish aiming angles from 0 - 90 degrees.

Hardware is hardened SAE with serrated locking washer nuts.

Tripod legs are mounted at any point of the mast with the adjustable clamp to provide a secure mast support at almost any angle or position.

Galvanized Steel provides years of reliable service in the harshest of elements.

Reflector is over .7mm in thickness with outstanding +/- 0.01 degree surface accuracy.

Attractive and durable finish coating of charcoal colored textured poly withstands the elements and will look great for many, many years!

This dish works with the HH90 STAB Motor.

GeoSatpro 1.2 Meter Offset Satellite Dish

Antenna Size 1.2 Meter (48 Inches)
Offset Angle 27.3 deg.
Aperture Efficiency 80%
Horizontal Axis 120 cm (47.24 in)
Vertical Axis 135 cm (53.15 in)
Assembled Weight 12.25 kg (27 lbs)
Gain @ 12.5 GHz 43dB
Focal Length 60 cm (23.62 in)
F/D Ratio .5
Mount Type U-Bolt Az / El with Fine Tuning Adjustment
Azimuth Ajustment 360 deg.
Elevation Adjustment 15 - 90 deg.
Mast Diameter Minimum: 55mm (2.16"),  Maximum 76 mm (3")
Operating Temperature -40 C - +60 C
Operational Wind Speed 90 km/H (56 mph)
Survival Wind Speed 180 km/H (112 mph)
Finish Texture Polyester Powder Coating
Material Gavanized Steel
LNB Mount Type Universal 40 mm / 23 mm clamp
Color Grey

GeoSatpro 1.2 Meter Offset Satellite Dish

Includes Shipping to Most Locations
Within the 48 Cont. United States

This Dish Ships by Truckline.
Some locations may require additional shipping costs.

Please Call or Write with exact address
and we will confirm exact shipping costs.

816-228-1801 or rickcaylor@aol.com

After Confirming Shipping costs, if you are in the 329.00 shipping area, please use this Click anc Buy Option:

Two dishes can be shipped together in one
shipping box with no increase in freight cost.
2nd Dish for 169.00

This Dish works with the HH120 STAB Motor.

Designed and Built to Provide Years of
Dependable Reception in Extreme Elements

Heavy Duty 3 inch Dual U-Bolt Mounting Bracket
Suitable for Post or Motor Mounts / Easily inverted
for use with top loading motor mounts

Efficient / High Gain Reflector

Perfect for Fringe Area Reception of Weak Signals

Durable and Attractive Grey Textured Finish

You MUST provide a telephone number for the delivery location.
This dish is shipped only within the 48 Continental US states.
Due to the large size of this item, delivery is limited to Ground Freight - Trucking.
Delivery usually takes 7 - 10 business days.
Two dishes will ship in one package.

Shipping and Handling Liability:  Customer is responsible to inspect the goods upon arrival and for immediate claims. Customer has to mark the claims on the delivery receipt, otherwise they are responsible for the damage. Ricks Satellite is not responsible for claims that are not reported to the delivery man upon arrival.

This Dish works with the HH120 STAB Motor.

After Confirming Shipping costs, if you are in the 329.00 shipping area, please use this Click anc Buy Option:



Satellite dish freight orders are vulnerable to damages in transit. In order to file and collect on damage claims you must inspect your equipment upon delivery for exposed and or concealed damages. Please open all boxes and visually inspect for damage before signing the delivery ticket. If damage is found, you must make a notation on the delivery ticket specific to items damaged, and it should be signed by you and the delivery driver. Damages found after the fact cannot be verified and claims will be denied.

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