Stalking The Backhauls and Wild Feeds!

Searching for and finding Backhauls and Wild Feeds can be quite satisfying. Here is what I do to find the feeds that I want.

You can find a list of Backhaul and Wild Feed channels / locations by following any of these links;

C-Band Backhaul & Wildfeed Channels / Locations
Ku-Band Backhaul & Wildfeed Channels / Locations
C & Ku-Band Backhaul & Wildfeed Channels / Locations

You must also keep in mind that Channel assignments change frequently and you have to work to keep a good updated list.

Depending upon the type of receiver that you have, I suggest loading the backhaul channels into a Favorites list. On the 4DTV receiver, I use Favorites B list and add all of the backhaul channels to it. Then when I search, I skip all of the other channels that are being used for other known things. This speeds up the searching process especially when the receiver has a Gray, Blue or Black out screen that is displayed until a signal is locked.

To speed things up more I keep a history of Previous Race Backhauls allowing to keep track of what satellites/transponders are used by the different Networks.

After I know who the televising Network is and the starting time of the event I'm ready to Surf! Depending on who the televising network is and what their history is, I will start my search from an Hour and half before to 30 Minutes before the scheduled starting time. Sometimes they power up / uplink early and do alot of testing and practicing, while other times they won't power up / uplink until 5 to 10 minutes before the starting time.

If you come to a channel that is on but has no picture, be sure to stop and check the audio for a clue of what that channel is being used for.
If you still can't tell then make a note to stop back by that channel later if you don't find what your looking for.

Special Tips for Ku Band! Different receivers assign different frequencies to different channels. When checking Ku channels watch for any signs of video or ghost images. Move the dish east and west to obtain the strongest picture. Then adjust the Skew (polarity) to obtain the strongest picture. Then adjust the Fine Tune up or down to obtain the strongest picture.

Easy Method to Search for Digital MPEG2 Signals

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