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Why are my Channel Numbers Different that the Channels (Transponders) that are Listed for the Ku-Band feeds?

Unlike C-Band, there is not an overall accepted standard for a Channel / Frequency format. Depending on the type and age of your receiver and what format was used when the Ku satellites were programed, will determine what channel number the feed will come in on your receiver. The postings that you'll see here are of the actual satellite transponder number. The Polarity is also listed. This allows you to go to the posted satellite and set your polarity and then scan channels. The 4DTV satellite receiver actually downloads the proper format and channel assignments, so in most cases the feed will be on the same channel (transponder) as the posted site. In most cases when I'm in the field and teaching someone new to Ku-Band, I will use a format known as Anik Ku 32 Channel. This splits the Ku-Band frequency range into 16 different frequencies. 16 Horizontal Polarity and 16 Vertical Polarity a total of 32 Channels. Many times this will allow an individual to surf easier overall, even though many of the feeds will require Fine Tuning to Bring the Picture in Clear. If you land on a feed that has alot of White Sparklies, then adjust your Fine Tuning Down. If the feed has alot of Black Sparklies and or Shake then try running the Fine Tuning Up.


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