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Automatic Polarity Controller

Automatic Polarity Controller

$ 49.00 Plus 8.50 Shipping in the 48 Cont. United States

The Automatic Polarity Controller (APC) is designed to bridge the gap between modern FTA satellite receivers and a feed horn with servo controlled polarity (H/V) selection. The modern FTA receiver changes voltage level (18V/13V dc) on the coax to an lnbf in order to select between horizontal and vertical polarity. The APC detects whether the FTA receiver is sending 18V or 13V, and then the APC sends an appropriate pulse signal to the feed horn servo to select the corresponding polarity.

The APC is designed to work with Chaparral, ADL, HTS, Channel Master, and other servo controlled feed horns. Each APC is hand tested with a Chaparral feed horn servo to confirm proper operation. It is user adjustable, so it can be calibrated with your specific feed horn.

The APC can also be used as a manual polarity controller with skew control without being hooked up to an FTA receiver. It can be powered from either the FTA receiver or the included 9V wall transformer (if the transformer is not plugged in, the APC automatically uses power from the receiver connection). It has a magnetic base to keep it positioned on a metal receiver enclosure.

NOTE: The "vertical" output voltage (about 13V dc) from an FTA receiver may be too low for proper operation of some LNBs. In that case, a power inserter (not supplied) may be used between the receiver and the LNB to supply a higher voltage for proper LNB operation.

I would also like to give Special Thanks to Randy K for building these units for the Free To Air Community!

Automatic Polarity Controller

$ 49.00 Plus 8.50 Shipping in the 48 Cont. United States

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Automatic Polarity Controller

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